The Best Kind of Stress Reliever with Teliah Gienger

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Key Points


Stress is a part of life, and trying to get rid of all stress can stress you out even more! A better way is learning to manage stress instead of running away from it.

Stress is not always bad. It can alert you to things that are not good in your life, and motivate you to make changes.

In any venture or area of life, our success begins with a healthy mindset. – Teliah Gienger

Our bodies will naturally let us know when something is wrong, but its not always something drastic that happens, like a siren going off to get our attention. The signs it gives slowly build up until we can’t ignore them.

What You Can Do

Reframe challenges as an opportunity to grow.

Being in touch with your body allows you to become more aware of how things affect you.


Connect with My Guest

Teliah Gienger, Entrepreneur, Coach and Podcast Host
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3-day Yoga Retreat scheduled for August 2017
40 Days to Healthy Habits by Teliah Gienger (an ebook focusing on nutrition, physical health, mental health through meditation, journaling, emotional and spiritual health, and lifestyle changes)



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