Meet Daree

“When your heart speaks, take notes.”

Daree Allen 24 Nov 15-46I saw a sign in a bookstore where that quote was hanging, and it sums up my love for journaling.  My love of journaling made it possible to write and independently publish my first two books in 2012.


As a Writer…


I’ve been a technical writer since 1999, and I’ve won awards for my technical writing projects as well as my freelance work and books. But some of my most fun, creative work was when I produced short stories complete with characters I cut out from magazines, and witty soap opera scenes I wrote in a Composition book in the 10th grade. I’ll always write, and I’m grateful to be able to share that talent with the world.


As a Speaker and Facilitator

  In addition to technical writing, I’ve given many speeches in the business world, but I’ve always wanted to be a professional speaker in the personal development arena. My niche topic is media influence and its affect on youth self-esteem and identity. My heart is with helping people by sharing my stories, and even when it seems quiet on my blog, sooner or later I find that my growth and revelations are helping others.

I love to facilitate and teach. I’m a passionate storyteller, but I also like to get kids talking and get a discussion going. As I talk to teens and young women about self-esteem, personal development and media influence from music, magazines, and reality shows, we do journaling exercises and affirmations for activity-based self-reflection, as well as role-playing, and media evaluation. I’m not some dry, boring speaker that kids tune out. I connect with them because I’m honest about my life and the things youth are dealing with in today’s world.


Why Media Literacy is Important for Today’s Youth

  When it comes to youth, it’s pretty evident that popular songs, style of dress, the way people interact and treat each other, influence for premarital sex, bullying, abuse alcohol and drugs, and more are not just influenced by peers, but by the media they consume and celebrities they admire so much. These factors affect youth’s self-esteem and the way they learn. Not all parents are aware of or make time to educate their children about media literacy.


What I Speak About

DSCN0924-siteI teach teen girls to make wise choices. I believe that low self-esteem is at the root of many of the issues we have in society today. Whether its teen dating violence, depression, promiscuity, bullying, peer pressure, or drugs, I’ve dealt with almost all of these issues personally as a teen. I want to help young ladies avoid making the same mistakes in life that I did–mistakes that started from a root of low self-worth.

My goal is to inspire and influence kids to take personal responsibility and show them how to not let their environment, their family, negative people, worldly media images, block them from their greatness. The feedback I get from participants after my workshops for community organizations for girls such as Delivered Vessels, Diamond in the Rough, I Am B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L., and TruChat let me know that my message is having a positive effect.

I also speak to women’s groups, knowing that sometimes the issues from childhood, when no dealt with, lead to issues with our confidence, self-worth, and boundaries as women.


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