Resiliency 2.0: How to Flourish in the Face of Adversity with John K. Coyle


In This Episode…

  • The art of really living

  • The inner difference between those who won’t quit and those who give up

  • “Design thinking” and how it helps us develop inner strength

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Key Points

Design thinking is a creative way of problem-solving that provides new answers to old challenges. At its core are two components:

  1. Empathy for the problem, challenge, situation or person.

  2. Are you asking the right question? Things you should not ask:

  • How do I fix my weaknesses? [Delegate your weaknesses.]

  • How can I live longer? [Add more life to your years, not more years to your life.]

  • How do I manage stress/increase work/life balance? [How can I perform better under stress, and enjoy it? Athletes do this.]

Resilient people have the ability to recover from stress, and to do so in a way that makes them stronger. The top 3 activities are:

  1. Physical intimacy

  2. Social intimacy

  3. Low-impact aerobic exercise

“When people spend more of their day doing things they’re good at, [and] that are aligned with their natural strengths, [then] they have more willpower, more discipline and more resilience.
If you spend your day doing things you love with people you like, you don’t need as much resilience.)

– John K. Coyle

What You Can Do

Identify and reduce/eliminate “time sinks” for you, i.e., activities/tasks/chores that take your time and energy because you don’t want to/like to do them. You can probably pay someone to do some of these things and work on/do something else you’d rather be doing instead.

Find ways to socialize with people whose company you enjoy.

Reframe your stress as an opportunity, game or experiment. 

Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness teaches how to reframe your relationships.

“Even in the worst situations we have one choice, and that is how we choose to view it.” – Victor Frankel, Man’s Search for Meaning

“Doing is the new planning.” – Joel Boggess

“Plan a tomorrow to really live today, and create a yesterday worth remembering.”
– John K. Coyle


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John will be speaking at the Third Annual International Resilience Summit in Chicago on November 3, 2016. This is a 2-day event put on by the National Resilience Institute.  





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