Speak Up and Remain Fabulous! with Jennifer S. Wilkov

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In This Episode…


  • How to be brave when you're afraid

  • Tips for speaking up

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Key Point


"It doesn't matter what happened to you… you're the same fabulous person you were beforehand. Life is not about what happens to you; it's about what you choose to do with it once it does. You have the right to remain fabulous!" – Jennifer S. Wilkov


What You Can Do


Do you see something wrong in your community? Speak up! It takes courage and strength to speak up, but it's the right thing to do. It's worth it. Spare others' pain by telling them what you've been through.

Tips for Speaking Up:

  1. Ask yourself: What's holding me back?

  2. Who are the people I need to speak to? (People that you need to confront or have questions for.) Decide which 2 or 3 people you want to focus on, and what specifically you need to talk to them about. What do you need help with? What do you want to say? You want to prepare for this, so you can be clear and direct in your communication.

  3. Reach out each person in question:

  • For a friendly/business topic, invite that person out for coffee and be direct and respect their time. If you say it will take 30 minutes, be on time, and don't ask 20 questions in those 30 minutes. Prioritize you want to ask.

  • For a personal situation, don't downplay your concerns or sugarcoat your feelings. Get to the point and do not worry about how they will receive it– you have to get something off your chest whether they like it or not. Their response is not your problem.

  1. Speak up for yourself. Be honest of what you feel passionate speaking up about, then do so with one person at a time.


Take these steps one at a time. If you start to feel fear, it's ok. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Give yourself the opportunity to experience the journey and experience what it's like on the other side of that fear.


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Jennifer S. Wilkov, Best-selling author, radio host and TEDx speaker




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